Mountain Ash

Mountain Ash

The chalet renovation "Mountain Ash" epitomizes the innovative use of wood in a modern alpine setting. Traditional warmth blends with an inviting atmosphere, emphasised by the targeted use of wood and the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art digital technology.

The skilfully carved cabinet fronts and wall paneling are particularly noteworthy. A sample area of less than one square meter was prepared with typical Brienz carvings, 3D-scanned, and modeled, before being "re-carved" over a large area on our CNC machine. This successful blend of human creativity and mechanical precision enables such projects to be realized in Switzerland sensibly, sustainably, and economically, highlighting the importance of artisanal traditions in a digitized world. Similarly, cutting-edge 3D scanning and planning technologies facilitated precise construction, manufacturing, and installation of the sculptural oak staircase balustrade.


Project: Mountain Ash

Architect: Studio Hinton / Comina Architecture

Photos: Stephan Julliard

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