We are proud to regard the best proof of our capability as the decision by leading designers to have their ideas realised by Röthlisberger. Designers appreciate the expertise, the perfection in craftsmanship and the creative inquisitiveness that we bring to the table. During the development of furniture we maintain a constructive dialogue and close cooperation with each and every designer.
Design ideas that are entirely original will have no realised pieces that can serve as guides. That's why we frequently develop new production solutions to help realise ambitious designs. This can take many months, sometimes even years. Our innovations will be refined to the point where, as a homogenous part of the designer object, they will no longer be visible. Multiple patented solutions will therefore reside in the Röthlisberger Kollektion.
Many items of our furniture have been honoured with international awards since the first edition in 1977. Some pieces are even exhibited in museums. Instead of following trends, we prefer to pursue a single objective: each piece of furniture should be incomparable. To enable it to become a classic design. One that – after all the time we have invested in it – will stand the test of time.

All of the furniture in the Röthlisberger Kollektion is crafted in Switzerland. It's a tradition that we will uphold. To be honest: there really isn't any alternative. We can only ever meet our stringent quality standards when the best people work together as a team at a single location. And there is hardly any other country in which craftsmen and engineers receive training of a standard comparable to Switzerland. We support this continuously with ongoing further training and courses. At our head office in Gümligen, employees proficient in various disciplines work only a few metres from each other. It enables them to benefit at first hand from the expertise of their colleagues. Many employees value this way of working and stay with our company for many years.
This expertise, gained over many years, flows into each item in the Röthlisberger Kollektion. That's why we give a 10-year guarantee against production-related defects on our furniture.

A cubical timber building that we first occupied in 2003 is the manufacturing centre for the Röthlisberger Kollektion. Its production floor space of 1,800 square metres is home to a machine park at the cutting edge of technology. Our in-house solid-wood processing centre makes far-reaching quality management possible right from the raw materials stage and CNC machine tools facilitate the high-precision machining of wood. But even the best technology in the world is, and remains, a tool.

Industrial mass production would bar the origination and crafting of our furniture. Each piece in the Röthlisberger Kollektion is characterised by the experience gained over three generations of craftsmanship. Based on the design concept and supported by the in-house engineering team, our cabinet makers will develop the best possible design solution. The selection of the best-suited woods which will be crafted with great attention to detail and in keeping with the wood's properties will take place in parallel with this. All wood furniture is inherently unique. It's a feature that we underscore with every production step.

Sustainability is a familiar concept for the family-owned Röthlisberger company: it is presently employing the fourth generation of the family. It is gratifying to see that, over recent years, this concept has developed into a trend that practically every company wishes to subscribe to. For us, sustainability is the logical consequence of a well-planned workflow.
It already begins with the procurement of the raw material. We employ as few suppliers as possible, but nurture a closer partnership with these. Since our entire production is restricted to a single location, we can reduce transport distances to a minimum. The woods that we use – exclusively FSC and Precious Woods certified – are not firstly stored, but are machined directly. No wood shaving is wasted in our joinery. A heating system has been installed that uses saw waste to fully heat the company's buildings and premises. And solar panels on the rooftops of the company buildings supply enough electricity to cover the needs of the production plant and offices.
Once a piece of furniture leaves our factory, sustainability will continue in your living room. As a product of the highest quality, you will be able to enjoy using it for a long time. As will then your children and grandchildren.