The architect outlines his ideas, and Röthlisberger Engineering promptly develops precise technical solutions. The company assists the architect with the choice of materials, structural and technical issues, as well as taking care of the execution and logistics of a project, so that the time the architect spends on organization and coordination is reduced to a minimum.

Röthlisberger Engineering distinguishes between the services it provides to support architectural projects and its initial planning and pre-production services leading up to production. In the first phase, design details are developed and models and prototypes produced. After the plans are approved, production plans and a list of materials are prepared and CNC programs are created accordingly.

Röthlisberger's air conditioning convector units create a pleasant room climate with minimum energy consumption. With "Free", "Wall" and "Tower" we offer three different systems which can cool and heat at the same time. By providing a high level of flexibility our tailor-made solutions can address any design requirements our customers might have.

"Air" is a patented ventilation system that, compared to conventional ventilation systems, not only generates lower volume flows but also results in significantly lower heating and electricity costs. In combination with the room climate modules, Röthlisberger can offer a complete air conditioning and ventilation solution with incomparable energy efficiency and creative freedom in design.

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Röthlisberger Innenausbau converts the ideas of architects and planners in such a way that the available space is used to full effect. For it is in the interior where people interact with the architecture of a building. Seeing, touching and using a room makes use of all your senses. Materials like wood, metal, glass or acrylic all have their own properties. That is why it is important to make the right choice of materials and use the right processing technique. Understanding this interaction can be essential to a successful project.

Röthlisberger Innenausbau combines state of the art machine technology with traditional workmanship. Quality mockups and prototyping, construction techniques that complement material choice, precision, timing, quality control and professional packing for transportation are all additional elements making Röthlisberger Innenausbau the ideal partner for complex projects.

Precision characterises all of the services of Röthlisberger Interiors – even our organisation, project management and logistics. All of the components are manufactured and inspected in Gümligen near Bern, then dismantled into transportable sizes to enable their on-site installation to be completed in the shortest possible time, regardless of whether the site is in Switzerland or abroad. Röthlisberger Interiors has been active internationally for over 20 years and this is also reflected in its flexibility and excellent connections.

Since several of our projects will be underway on a regular basis in New York, a local design office was opened in 2009. But even in New York, all of the components that we use are "Swiss Made" and will be transported from Gümligen to their intended site by truck, ship, crane and even helicopter and fitted in the shortest possible of times.

Röthlisberger Innenausbau demands the highest quality and reliability, and on time delivery, for all its projects. Working on client premises requires respect and discretion. On-site installations are exclusively carried out by trained and experienced fitters.

As many projects are executed outside Switzerland, Röthlisberger Innenausbau works with partner companies who supply qualified workmen. This collaboration with foreign construction planners and craftsmen requires expertise and flexibility. There is always one of Röthlisberger's construction managers on site to supervise and support the work being carried out.