The Röthlisberger company has been in existence since 1928. Much has changed since then. The former joinery is now a complete supplier for interiors with an in-house engineering division. The traditional workbench has given way to cutting-edge CNC tools and a machine park that can be set up to accommodate any imaginable project. In addition to working with and machining different woods, we now also employ metal, glass, stone and many other materials in our designs and construction projects. Moreover, we have been producing our own range of designer furniture since 1977. The tasks we carry out have become more complex – as has the company.
Much however has also remained unchanged. For example, the Swiss quality that characterises every product that leaves our factory. Our creative inquisitiveness in continually striving to find even better production solutions. The close collaboration with architects and designers from which many lasting and deep friendships have grown. And the desire to realise every furniture design in the best possible manner. To enable it to become a classic design. For all the progress that has taken place, it is these facets that will continue to set the company apart. That's why Röthlisberger today continues to uphold that which is created here every day: enduring values.


Founded: 1928

Number of employees: 67

Headquarters: Gümligen, Berne, Switzerland



Beat Röthlisberger, Mark Röthlisberger, Andreas Kramer, Jan Röthlisberger, Roland Keller