The Röthlisberger company has been in existence since 1928. Much has changed since then. The former joinery is now a complete supplier for interiors with an in-house engineering division. The traditional workbench has given way to cutting-edge CNC tools and a machine park that can be set up to accommodate any imaginable project. In addition to working with and machining different woods, we now also employ metal, glass, stone and many other materials in our designs and construction projects. Moreover, we have been producing our own range of designer furniture since 1977. The tasks we carry out have become more complex – as has the company.
Much however has also remained unchanged. For example, the Swiss quality that characterises every product that leaves our factory. Our creative inquisitiveness in continually striving to find even better production solutions. The close collaboration with architects and designers from which many lasting and deep friendships have grown. And the desire to realise every furniture design in the best possible manner. To enable it to become a classic design. For all the progress that has taken place, it is these facets that will continue to set the company apart. That's why Röthlisberger today continues to uphold that which is created here every day: enduring values.

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Founded: 1928

Number of employees: 67

Headquarters: Gümligen, Berne, Switzerland



Mark Röthlisberger, Peter Röthlisberger, Beat Röthlisberger, Roland Keller, Jan Röthlisberger

Mark Röthlisberger, GL

Mark Röthlisberger learned the cabinetry trade from scratch. After an apprenticeship, he fine-tuned his skills while expanding his horizons working in various companies in Switzerland, America and Australia. He then earned an engineering degree in wood technology in Biel and went on to gain professional experience as a project manager in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. In 2014 he joined the family business and took over project management for international projects. He has been a member of the executive board as well as co-responsible for the Interiors and Engineering division since 2016.

Roland Keller, GL

In the early 1980s Roland Keller gains professional experience as a joiner and project manager in various companies in Switzerland. Following this he opts to train further to become a master joiner with an additional business management qualification and then works in Calgary as a project manager for 2 years. In 1986 he joins Röthlisberger as a project manager. In 1989 he becomes a partner in the company. Today, he heads the engineering team and the Interiors division.

Jan Röthlisberger, GL

After completing the commercial college, Jan Röthlisberger studies to become a marketing manager and works in leading advertising agencies. In 2012 he completes his bachelor's degree in Product Design at Curtin University in Australia. Next, he takes up a post as a marketing specialist at an international company based in Perth. He joins the family business in 2013. Jan Röthlisberger is general manager for Röthlisberger Kollektion and responsible for communications and marketing.

Beat Röthlisberger, GL

Beat Röthlisberger is responsible for finance and controlling and heads the sale of Röthlisberger Kollektion in Northern Germany and Asia.

Beat Röthlisberger graduated in 2014 from Perth, Australia, with a double degree in business administration and economics. During his training, he gained his first professional experience as a financial analyst at a major bank and as a junior business analyst at a leading commodities group in Australia. He then worked as a consultant for a renowned consulting firm. He holds an Executive Master of Family Entrepreneurship degree from Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, Germany. He joined Röthlisberger as an assistant to management, while still studying.

Peter Röthlisberger, VRP

As a young carpenter, Peter Röthlisberger becomes involved in the development of the first Röthlisberger Kollektion in 1977 on the encouragement of his father. The passion for the family business passes over into the third generation. He joins the company in 1981. A year later, he takes over responsibility for the furniture collection and publicises it internationally. Following this, Peter Röthlisberger as the General Manager grows the Interiors division into the mainstay of the company.