In ancient Japan, Takushi simply meant “table”. Takushi by Gavin Harris has now taken this concept further with a refined look. The table top almost seems to give the impression that it is floating. It is especially the legs that create this impression. They are not attached to the corners but, curved and angled in slightly, reach under the table top. Takushi is suitable for use in homes, as well as in conference areas, and as a work and office table.

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This newly developed element, which narrows downwards, is available in two versions: one in solid oak, with every piece made by hand, the other in moulded plywood, hollow like a half-pipe. From certain angles, the latter allows views through to the table construction and base. The supporting structure forms an elongated reflected “Y”. A custom plugin-system was developed for the Takushi table legs, which means the they are detachable without comprimising the tables stability.



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Gavin Harris

Over the last 25 years, Gavin Harris has become one of Australia’s leading interior designers. His route has taken him via Switzerland, London, India, South Africa and Bangkok. And everywhere he went, he picked up important awards. Today, Gavin Harris …

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