«Stabellö» wins the «Design Preis Schweiz» Edition 2017/18

We are excited to have won the coveted Design Prize Switzerland in the Furniture Category with the reinterpretation of the traditional «Stabellö» chair. The modern and functional variation of the classic chair design by designer Tomoko Azumi convinced the international jury on November 3rd in Langenthal. designpreis.ch

Our «Stabellö» includes important elements of the traditional chair from the Alpine region: the seat and the turned legs are still made of solid wood. However, it astounds with an innovative and comfortable backrest. Made from plywood and shaped in three dimensions, the backrest is no longer anchored but connected to the seat by means of a visible screw attachment. «Stabellö» stands for tradition in conjunction with innovative craftsmanship – and cuts a good figure everywhere, in the loft, in the chalet or in the old-fashioned parlour.

The «Design Preis Schweiz» is awarded every two years for «outstanding Swiss design». Out of 45 nominations, 13 winning projects were selected. The focus was on products, projects and services which consider design not just as a «form or colour-giving process», but as a means to solve problems «in a comprehensive and expedient manner».

Together with Tomoko Azumi, we are celebrating the «Design Preis Schweiz 2017/18» and look forward to continue inspiring juries and customers with innovative and timeless designs.

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