A leaf, a tree, a table. That's all a "Haiku" needs to fascinate us. This traditional Japanese form of poetry usually deals with everyday objects or themes of nature and helps us focus on the moment and simplicity in everyday life. "Winku" does exactly that: simple and sophisticated, it embodies the essence of a table. The square timber elements are rotated at a 45° angle and wedge together like a firm handshake. This creates geometric details that emphasize the precision and quality of craftsmanship and grant the table surprising perspectives.
Whether at home or in an exclusive contract setting, with its precise lines and geometric cuts, "Winku" brings peace and focus to any environment.

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Table top and base in solid oak, natural effect lacquered or stained after smoked oak or black. Other woods, dimensions and colours available upon request.



Materials & Colours


Marc Gerber

Marc Gerber is a trained design engineer and worked for several years as a technical manager. After studying industrial design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel, he worked as a designer in the studio of Konstantin Grcic …

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