«Know thyself!» – this inscription written on the walls of the Apollo temple in Delphi hasn’t lost any validity in today’s world. Even in the Bronze Age, metals were polished until a reflection could be seen, and today hardly anyone leaves their home without glancing at themselves in the mirror. This can be particularly pleasurable with our in-house creation «Mirrör». The solid wood frame is slightly conical and gives the mirror its elegant note. It organically expands into a shelf at the bottom, offering the perfect platform for valuable accessories. Every visitor to your apartment, office or practice will recognize not only themselves in «Mirrör» – but also the exquisite design taste of the owner.

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Mirrör is available in four different sizes in the wood types cherry, black walnut and white fir brushed (stained white or black).



Materials & Colours


Peter Röthlisberger

As early as 1977, Peter Röthlisberger was involved as a young cabinet maker in the development of the first pieces of furniture for Röthlisberger Kollektion. He officially joined the family business in 1981 and just one year later assumed responsibility …

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Professional use

High-Resolution images and .dwg-files are available on request.

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