At first glance viewers attention willmost likely be drawn to the uniquecentral base of «Arcos». Its elegantconcave design won’t hide any beautifulcarpets or parquet flooring. Theeye-catching interplay between transpa-rency and sturdiness is what makes«Arcos» stand out. Available in differenttable top profiles and finishes, «Arcos»looks great in any home or office.

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The from-above round, curved cast-iron base is constructed from a metal frame with polyurethane injection moulding, using a new manufacturing process. This combination of materials makes the table extremely sturdy and able to bear heavy loads. The Arcos table is also available in sizes from 126 to 137 cm, round or oval, and with tops in different woods or SM Quartz for outdoor areas.



Materials & Colours


Koni Ochsner / Werkdesign

He played a key role in the early years of the Röthlisberger Kollektion and for many Swiss people is still the classic furniture designer, as exemplified by the Mondrian cupboard. Ochsner (1933–1995) is a designer and artist who studied under …

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